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HI IM NEW!!!!! - Starving for the Pursuit of Perfection [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Starving for the Pursuit of Perfection

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HI IM NEW!!!!! [May. 1st, 2006|05:02 am]
Starving for the Pursuit of Perfection


hey girls!!!!

this comm looks SO COOL! wow!
here r my stats-

name* MOLLY!!!!!
age* 15
ht* 5'5
hw* 155
lw* 130
cw* 152
stgw1* 120
stgw2* 100
ltgw* 85
iv been ana/mia for 5 months i kno its not long but u cant say when ur start being ana rite??? so ya it sux but i dont wana be mia nemore cuz EW I HATE PUKING!!!! so i try not to eat but its hard sumtimes.

o n u prolly wanna kno some stuff abt me rite? well i'm 15 n FAT n i have a GREAT bf named roger! hes the best ever weve bn 2gether for 1 month n im scared that he dosnt like me cuz i had sex with him already!

i had a HUGE BINGE TODAY!!!!!! im starting a fast RITE NOW!! heehee umm so if any of u guys want to join I WOULD LUV IT cuz i need support n stuff so i can be skinny for summer!!

think thin dream thin BE THIN!!!!!!!!!!